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Why is this print so huge?
Anyway..   Every week I record and sometimes watch "The Biggest Loser" for folks who love food, put on pounds and then have to be beaten to health and fitness again by Jill and that other guy. 
ANYWAY, my discussion is WHO IS THE BIGGEST TBD'R? 
Who contributes the most to our TBD world???   Sara?  Oh, yes, oh I think so.  No!  Craig?  No...  my ex?  Ick (aka Kevin??) 

In your astute TBD opinion, WHO is the BIGGEST TBD CONTRIBUTOR?
Be mindful:  No one will win anything.  I will kiss the person with the best answer.  I will eat garlic and drink red wine before I kiss the smartest answer person. 

Stand back if you know what is good for you. 

Pucker up, ya never know.  I have TIC TACS.

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I know it ain't me. I only weigh 156 lbs. I like garlic though, so I'm puckered.
Could it be me? I am 6'4".
Hubba hubba... ;)
TSD is 6ft 4 !!!

(No wonder I like you animak !!! /;-)
I was rounding off. I am 6'4 and 1/4"
Hahahaha so male!
I say it is James Fahey. Now comon folks--u know u would not enjoy this life if u didn't get a daily dose of some James Fahey type of questionings--now would u?
TeeBubbaDee and Jack Z and J Lee S. Great contributers, not so much quantity as quality.

Maybe Gary or CWO3ROBBIE or moosie or Chuck. Tough question.

Pru, KarenSme, 1GreatLady or Quinn. Calli or Olivia Hamilton. I don't know.
Come on Sme pick one. I can't hold this pucker all night.

Oops. Edit to say Sorry Karen. Just now read your 2nd paragraph. Robbie looked like he needed one already. :)
I thought it was feet. Thumbs? NOW she tells me . . .all these years . . .




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