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Why is this print so huge?
Anyway..   Every week I record and sometimes watch "The Biggest Loser" for folks who love food, put on pounds and then have to be beaten to health and fitness again by Jill and that other guy. 
ANYWAY, my discussion is WHO IS THE BIGGEST TBD'R? 
Who contributes the most to our TBD world???   Sara?  Oh, yes, oh I think so.  No!  Craig?  No...  my ex?  Ick (aka Kevin??) 

In your astute TBD opinion, WHO is the BIGGEST TBD CONTRIBUTOR?
Be mindful:  No one will win anything.  I will kiss the person with the best answer.  I will eat garlic and drink red wine before I kiss the smartest answer person. 

Stand back if you know what is good for you. 

Pucker up, ya never know.  I have TIC TACS.

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We have such great posters, I wouldn't presume to pick any one person as the best poster. And if you mean "the biggest loser", like the TV show, I've lost 10 pounds already.
You are a wise man, Lowell. I too have lost ten pounds. LOL. When I saw the title I thought, "Well it can't be me because I am 5'7" and 134 lbs. 4 more to go and I am same size as high school again. Maybe biggest TBDer is Animak, at 6'4".
Wow, you're a slim one! I was only 140 pounds in H.S. and for 20 years after that, and I'm 5'8". I've never had a chance to meet you, but I would love to do that some day.
Kevin, Robbie, Heart and Twitter.
Hope I havn't forgot anyone.
the only name which comes first to my mind is Sara and Pru :)
Nina, You just broke Pickles heart.
Garlic and Red Wine?!!!? Pucker up, baby!!!! :-P
Oh my! Mister Pucker just arrived! I feel De licious.

More garlic, please. Wine for all the posting parties, please ----

Now, Thee Slayer Dug -- bring your photo closer!
I'm laughing very hard but I will stop for the smooch.

On with the Question, now! BIGGEST TBD'r. ?

I'm thinking olive oil with garlic with pasta or simple Italian sauage...
Hmmm Italian sausage, does this make it a horizontal kiss?
Naughty sperm - oops I meant naughty stillgoing - that icon of yours is soooooo distracting /;-) !!!
Biggest? So does that mean that size matters?
This a America, size always matters, be it super sized or nano teensy.




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