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Does your feline do any version of begging when you are preparing food? Callie doesn't but Reyna has found that if she its near me and gazes hopefully at me I may come across with a tasty tidbit. Recently it was rotisseried chicken skin, but I know that sometimes too much of that leads to upset stomach. So I offered it to Reyna and after she ate 3 pieces I stopped. she was happy.   

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I've only had one cat that has begged and she was a Siamese, she was relentless and yes I gave in all the time.  My cat that I have now has no interest in people food.

My only cat who ever begged was Bogie, and that was only for one thing. Every summer my mother loved to have steamed blue crabs. I'd periodically get her a dozen, and she'd have such fun sitting in her wheelchair at the dining room table eating two and then picking the rest for later. Bogie was enthralled by the whole process and, long story short, he and Mommy developed a ritual around the crab feast.

I'd lay out all the paper and get Mom the utensils she used to crack and pick the crabs. Then when Mommy pulled up to the table and I put out the crabs in a big bowl, she would call Bogie up onto the table where he would sit like an absolute gentleman until she picked him most of the meat of one crab. Mom would feed it to him, piece by piece, both of them enjoying the ritual immensely. When he'd had "his" crab, Bogie would kiss Mommy, then jump back onto the floor and go his way. Mommy would then have her 2 crabs, and do her picking, happy as a lark. 

It was wonderful to watch.

Now I have Tabitha who appears to beg also. Recently I was having some braunschweiger and she kept looking so I gave her a piece which she quickly scarfed down and walked off.




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