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It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It also can be said that such beauty has launched a thousand ships, being on magazine covers or maybe resumed lapsed careers of personalities as pitch persons on TV for products that can change one's life and prospects.

And yes, once beauty was celebrated. One of the most once watched TV reality shows was the Miss America Beauty Pageant from Atlantic City. And in her reign, and after, being Miss America was certain of media coverage wherever she would go.

Of course, not everyone was going to be Miss America, not everyone was going to be celebrated for their looks; worse, beheld to the embarrassment of what one saw in the mirror and in the faces of others, and it was not attractive, not attractive at all.

Once this country was awash in the tyranny of beauty, and the difficulty of not, not even being pretty much less attractive. But then came along liberation, the speaking of names not spoken; plain, not attractive and just ugly. And the recognition that only some can attain what is beautiful, and/or attain it at a high cost. America had a revolution of sight, sound and what can be said, as to how a person looks including letting it all hang out.

And prices have to be paid, the mention of a person's looks has consequences. However, those consequences are different, in different settings. What is said to another maybe not be seen as a compliment when spoken to many.

President Obama has had that experience recently in saying the Attorney General of California was attractive, maybe even hot. Not that there was a question of truth of whether the Attorney General of California is hot, or not, it was a question of understanding the circumstances and place in which it was said, and as to who was listening and then reporting.

And yes, beauty is tricky and expensive, but probably still worth it.  

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Not sure what the point of your discussion is, but if it is in some way critical of President Obama that would be absurd. Have we gotten to a point where any one, even a President, can't pass a compliment on some one???

Sheesh, I thought that we were friends already Tee, ummmmmm DD needs you hun.

I thought so too Merry, but that has been solved.  :-)

 I've already reached out to her. I met her face to face several years ago, and she has of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. I treasure the memories of the afternoon we spent together. We held hands practically the whole time, and I even stole a little smooch. Here is a pic of us with Larry and Carol who were kind enough to provide the ride to see her.

I think that all of the above are beautiful souls. <3

I have a warning label on my mirror that states: 'Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty' 

I thought beauty was in the eye of the beer holder.

And yous mugs too!!!!

Tenderness is so undervalued in our society.




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