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Paul,John, Ringo, and George...
I was five years old when I heard ''Let it Be''.. I scretched the hell out of my brothers 45...
Yes, Virginia there really is a Pru.
I lied to my classmates in a 6th grade assignment -- that I had met the Beatles. I figured that they had no way of knowing the truth because nobody in my class would meet the Beatles to ask them if it was true. Some boy called me "a big fat liar." Of course I replied with a resounding "AM NOT!"

It was a big fat lie. But I believed it could be true.
Those guys were pretty good ............. ya think ...........
The beatles. The guys got lucky with their music.=====let it be!!!!!
Yes but I wouldn't kick Paul out of my bed
Yes, I do believe that there once was a band called the Beatles and that is a photo of them.
Do you believe in God ???? iF so....''please tell everyone''
Anybody remember the name Pete Best?
I remember that and their other appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.
I practiced my screaming at the TV when the Beatles premiered on Ed Sullivan and my family went to some church thing. I still thank God for that evening alone with the Beatles.

I'm glad I did not "settle" for Ringo. It would have never worked out.
I remember quite vividly how gleeful my father was over the fact that the Beatles had been denied permission to disembark in Salzburg, Austria (where I was born) in 1969 or so. He loathed them. In the mean time,(we were living in the Orient ) behind his back my mum bought me a tiny Japanese transistor radio (it was so cool - it was blue with a leather case and ear plug) so I could secretly listen to them! Many many years later I caught him humming one of their songs and took him to task!




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