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   Is it the artist born just a little off center,

or is it the persuit of art that takes him there?


Any opinions?

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We are not off center.

It's the rest of the world that's screwed-up.

That could very well be. However, my son is an artist at UC San Diego and far as far back as I can remember, he has had a very unique way of viewing the world. A special way, that becomes obvious only after he has brought it to light. I would say that he was born just a bit off center and that is possibly what guides his career.

Why does the artist have to be "off center"?

I know artists, I find them to be lovely people. Or, maybe I'm just crazy and their behavior pales in comparison?


Why do you assume that Michael meant "off-center" to be a slur? Knowing him, I doubt that was his intent...

I agree with Quinn
Well Kooner, I was talking about my son. obviously I have no intention of saying anything bad about him. In fact, he and I have conversatins about everything from phylosphy to psychology and I value his thoughts above others. But, I can tell you from personal experience that 'thinking about thinking' can really take you down a different and unfamilar road. And sometimes, you can get lost.
Very well said, L. J......kudos.

Not all society.......Religion dictates the fearful way we live....The non-religious are more capable of understanding different because most of us are different.... The rest want us all in a secure moral little cocoon....Thats the way I see it. Some in the cocoon are able to create art, but most artists see & live inside & outside the box/circle/cocoon (what-ever you want to call it) where there is much more room to create.

Maybe your clinicians have pushed you to far inside.....ask them if they can somehow open it up for you a little if you are not content.... I think all humans are crazy esp. religious ones because they push humanity to guide itself further & further away from it's own true nature...

Take it from someone who was kicked out of Atlantis for using words they could not bear to hear.....You get kicked out of the sea. kicked around on land, & look toward the sky as if something there might be more welcoming......friendly mars men? I doubt...



I noticed the program Kooner turned you onto & will be looking further into it (thanks Kooner) for my bro who will be getting out of prison (after 2 years) in a few months.....He doesn't want to use psyche drugs & I don't blame him, but living this life he leads in & out of jails because he cant deliver what society expects is terrible....he is scared, & I so understand.......

I had the pleasure of attending ArtPrize in Grand Rapids last fall. If you're not familiar with it, it is a competion open to all artists world wide, with nice cash prizes voted on by attendees. There was every type of art there one can imagine and a lot that only the artist could have imagined. To say the least it was incredible and a bit overwhelmimg to be a part of such creativity. The vision of some people is absolutely astonishing. Being a photographer and painter I appreciate all art, even some I don't quite understand. I had that experience with a very special person, an artist herself who defies description in normal everyday terms.

L. J. desribed us artists better than I've ever heard.....we see differently, we feel differently, we live a little differently. We sometimes appreciate differently. We sometimes hide behind what we do letting our art speak for us.

All I know is that I'm a bit off center, and I don't know my butt from page 5 when it comes to art.

A lot of what I see I refer to as "fart art".

Paint by number, and Elvis on black velvet, and dogs playing cards, are all my idea of good art.

Picasso once said "Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."




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