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Are you aware of it? Do you know what it requires? Does it require all of us to prove that we are a legal US citizen or face prison? When would this be considered unreasonable search and seizure?

As the comedians say, "I couldn't be making this up". A California congressman says that hair and shoes can be an indication of someone being an illegal alien. Do I need to visit a barber and shoe store before crossing into Arizonia? The Governor of Arizonia says that she does not know how to identify an illegal alien but by golly her law enforcement personnel will require papers be shown when they identify someone who looks like one. However, racial profiling is illegal so if the Law Enforcement personnel use that they will be breaking the law. Who is on First? 

What is your take on this law? 

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I agree that the best way to stop illegal immigration would be to punish the businesses who hire illegals. This can only effectively be done by the Federal Govt. Like Bill Boyer said, maybe this new AZ law will spur on Washington to take a serious stance against illegal aliens.
I personally think this law is worded the way it is to ensure that anyone who doesn't appear to be of pure "white" heritage can be abused with no repercussions. Did you pay attention to the background of the writer of this bill? Secondly, as I understand the bill, the police would have to say that he/she had reasonable cause to think that I might not be a citizen. How can anyone prove that there was not reasonable cause to suspect that I might be an alien?
Can the police enter my property and ask for identification if my neighbor says they think I might not be legal.
The fact that this law is on the books will keep me out of Aizonia, and I like Arizonia. I like most of the people I have met in Arizonia. As retired military I have many friends who are retired from the military and living there.
When I signed up to serve in the military, I put some of my civil rights on suspension. I did this willingly because I had a choice. I also thought that I was giving these rights up for a period of time so that other US citizens could retain them.
I fully expected to get them back and be able to exercise those rights given to me by the constitution when I returned to civilian life. This law takes away the right to protection from unreasonable search. The governor took that right away from everyone in the state of Arizonia.
Something has to be done about illegal immigration. Something has to be done to secure our southern border. But I think that the people who are screaming the loudest that this law was required, will be the ones screaming the loudest when the federal government starts interfering in their lives.
When some person, in a legal position to do so, can identify to the public, what law enforcement people are to look for to differentiate a citizen of the US from an illegal Immigrant, I might view it more favorably.
At present I can see no way that his law can satisfy my rights under the Fourth Amendment.
And don't wear a soccer jersey, "they" like soccer. Surely probable cause.
"Oh, and god forbid that you try to report to the police that your wallet was stolen. That can't end well, if you look remotely foreign"

Let's just say that I don't need a tan.
When I drove I-10 from New Mexico to Tucson last Sept. The border Patrol had road blocks set up on I-10. What suggestions do you have for what the Federal Government should do? Does anyone other than Bill Boyer think that a national Id card that must be carried at all times would be a good Idea? I just thought of another solution. I had an ID chip implanted in my dog. If he gets lost the chip will identify him to any animal Shelter equiped to read it. We could make those manditory for US citizens. we could also have our medical history on the chip. That could help cut down the cost of health care.
So you pick and choose which civil rights you don't mind giving up. Well, guess we all do that. I had little problem with the phone taps. That was because in my military career I was trained to assume that all calls were being moitored by both sides. I don't use the phone much and don't have anything to hide anyway. But, to me, the difference is that phone tapping is not forceing me to take any action that I would not otherwise take. Requiring me to carry identification at all times, I consider to be an unwarranted infringement on my freedom. That is totally different from my trespassing on your property.
Do you think the military should just start a manditory program to "chip" soldiers?

I wonder what percentage of the 72% to which you refer are of other than caucasian appearance?
And futhermore, while we're on this topic (I don't look entirely white by the way , probably because My great, great great dark, haired, dark skinned grandmother was maybe not even white at all.) ummmmmmmmmmsay you hire someone that basically all you know about them is that they're illegal. You have no way of knowing if they killed someone in cold blood unless they have some gang's tats on them that you get to see. And you know what you're looking at. Jus sayin, that's part of the package, the possibility that you're hiring some machete murderer.
The more I read of this the madder I get. What happend to the land of the free? Is this now the land of "I'll do anything to be safe and keep people who don't think like me out of my neighborhood?
Bill, Did you give this statement any thought? Could you explain how the idea you express here has anything to do with this discussion?
Quinn, I don't understand how application for a green card has anything to do with the discussion. To me this is the same as the discussion about having a national ID card that all citizens are required to carry at all times. If we are going to do that we might as well get a tattoo on the forehead. At least then i would not have to worry about forgetting my ID. The only way this law makes any sense to me is; we are trying to establish a mandatory appearance code. It has nothing to do with employment. I agree that we should make employers responsible for insuring that their employers are legal. However, That doesn't fly because it would cost the ruling class money.
We're all immigrants. I mean, save the Native North American Indian, our ancestors came from across the globe. So based on that may I see your identification, please?
I was hatched.




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