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I have two friends (both women) that are automatically biased against any animated movie. One of them was dragging her feet about seeing Avatar before finally relenting to her boyfriend's request.

To me, good storytelling is good storytelling. Live action, animated, or any combination of the two. How you the rest of you feel about this subject?

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Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud is a great foundation for discussing this topic.
I'm still waiting for "Roadrunner" the movie ... Narrated by James Earl Jones.
The one where Wiley puts the icemaker on his back and throws snow out in front of himself to ski on was especially poignant. For one glorious moment I thought, "Finally!"

The physics seemed sound, not like that harebrained thing with the rockets and the roller skates. I mean, anyone could see that was doomed. This was different: his form was good, the icemaker was humming, then the speed started ramping up wildly ... I watched helplessly as ... I'm sorry.

Give me a minute here, OK?
If the story is good you forget its animated and accept them as characters. I like them when good and ignore them when not so much.
I am biased. An animated film has to be twice as good as a film that features live action for me. I know it is a bias, but what can I say. Opera is not Kabuki. Animations are not live actions etc. I prefer some kinds of things to others.
I'm with you here. I haven't seen Les Triplettes - I'll have to wait and see it on TV.

The French are quite serious about cartoons/animation as an artistic medium, though having been gone nearly twenty years, I've probably missed the development of the same phenomenon in the States. (From what Dallas is saying, I'm sure I have.)

I will echo that I admire things, in any medium, that are well done. But they may be rare.

Make that a T-bone, please.
This, from the guy who invented "Hellboy" -

- Definitely not for everybody. Primitive animation, but a totally wacko script. You can see the whole thing in segments on Youtube.
Hee hee - looks (and sounds) like a cross between you and Nick. Off to YT in my spare moments.
I watched Wall-E.
She nuked things, then asked questions later.
Maybe this is the way to handle things?




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