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 I don't know if you read about this, but it has been big news hereabouts.  Every day there is a little bit more news about this guy who killed his wife and daughter and then hid out in the bunker that he had been building for eight years while his wife thought he was out hiking in the mountains.

I've had a few weird neighbors over the  years, but none like this.


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Yes, that guy was whacko with plenty to spare. I think these troglodytes have their own magazine and "how to" guide books. Now he will be installed in a nice bunker with bars and be surrounded by really mean men who will illustrate what imminent danger means.

Unfortunately, we can only reconstruct what may have been going on in his mind because it appears that he killed himself rather than be taken alive.

His neighbors and coworkers didn't have a clue as to what was really going on with him.

I wonder if he was a member of an online community where he shared more anonymously.

Or maybe constructed some phony life from which he shared his delusions.

I missed the part where he killed himself. Sorry. I think it's safe to hypothesize he was filled with fear and angst. That is one way to look at the world. There are better ways to say the least.

He didn't even snap.  The whole thing was well planned and premeditated.

I guess they'll destroy the bunker.  I wonder who'll get the candy bars.

ma naybors are ackshly norml folks n gud cumpny heres thay are gettin a'ready to bakd sum pies

Where are they? I need pie.

I think they are just up the road from me here in Raccoon Valley.

Could be just about anywhere around here out past the 'burbs.

But I wouldn't eat their pies, Joella.

possum pie?


Roadkill possum pie?  Is there any other kind?

Possum Stew 
One possum, skinned, pieced 
Couple of onions, potatos, other veggies yer 
choice ..chop or slice em ....however 
1 can of mushroom soup 
2 cans of beef gravy 
1 can of water 
Tbsp each of pepper, garlic salt 

Boil the possum meat in a large pot of water 
with a half cup of salt for about half a day. 
Pour the water out and add all the stuff to it. 
Bring to a boil, then simmer covered 4 to 8 hrs. 

Serves 8 (or 1 for a week). 
Gravy is good sopped up with week-old bread. 
You can eat other stuff with it too. 
Drink beer 
(TIP: 3 day old roadkill is more tender and 
easier to skin) 

Would this work in a crock pot?




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