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I just wrote a blog about the current political climate. If anything political has you riled up I suggest you read it. Or the following editoral.


It's in the first comment.


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Robbie I could not agree with you more. I am sure most people on tbd think of me as a leftist but I am not. I am a bit left of center. For years when some one asked me my political postions I have told them I am a raging moderate. Only since the Bush years have I drifted slightly left.
I agree with Friedman on most of his points. I used to teach government in high school and I always made a special effort to teach them about Gerrymandering. Although this started in the early 1800's it's modern use is only about 30 years old. I am talking about the drawing of safe districts. There are districts in my state of Tennessee that are more like snakes than districts. Some are safe Republican districts and others are safe Democartic districts. A moderate has no chance of getting elected in 8 out of 9 districts in the state. Districts should be draw with some sense of location and not based on computer generated maps which show where Democrats and Republicans live.
Until we do something about this we can't improve our situation.
Well said, PA, even though I am a fiscally independent and probably lean right to center.
PA, Do they still teach government in High School? Do they teach civics at all? I was at musical Jam session at an RV park this winter. There was a really talented 15 year old there. He played three or four insturments and led the singing.
He was being home schooled by his parents. He bragged about the fact that his father made the kids learn about government by watching Fox news. Ask how many of us watched his hero, Glen Beck?
Yes government is a required course for graduation at least in Tennnessee. I can't say for such about other states but I think in is taught in most.
Very sad about a talented kid having Glen Beck as a hero.
Thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog Robbie.
They have republicans in California?
When did that happen?




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