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I've been driving around the Knoxville area of East Tennessee, taking in the sights and playing tourist. It dawned on me today that it would be much more fun if I had someone other than Happy to talk to about what we are seeing and doing.

So I thought "maybe I should try to find a girl friend to travel with me. Then, I thought, Or maybe a guy who I got along with. But those type experiences are always fraught with peril.

Then it hit me!!! I have an RV, I travel wherever and whenever. I like people. I can usually get along with about anybody for a week or two. How about if I offered to take people wherever they wanted to go.  I have been up and down the Eastern Coast from Key West, Fl to Houlton, Maine. I have been to Colorado, Arizona, Maine and most places in between. What if I offered one or two week trips to others. We could go wherever they wanted. Or they could just ride along with me.

This idea would take a lot of thought and planning before it could be brought to fruition. The first thing would be to check out insurance. Would I need a commercial dirivers license? I don't think it would if I was just shareing cost with friends. Probably would if I was advertising. would the Sleeping and bath areas be adequate? and on.

What do you think? Give me some ideas. Is this something that might work or is it something that no one would even consider?

Meanwhile, Here are some pictures that I took today and last week.

Here is where they extracted the U235 that was used in "Little Boy" the atom bomb that we dropped on Hiroshima.



Here I am managing the facility.

Driving across Norris Dam.

Downstream side 


Upstream side




What about my idea? do you think it has any potential?

What question would you have?

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I can't afford traveling anywhere right now but the driveway offer is open no matter what.

Merry, Thanks for the offer. However, I'm commited here until the end of August and then I have to spend a couple months in WV/VA. By then it will be winter in Maine.

I drove to Houlton, ME in the Summer of 2007. Spent some time in Elsworth and Bar Harbor. Would like to make another trip up there. Maybe next year.

Yeah, better off coming to visit in the summer monthes before the dogdays hit. Last night it went down to 65.

I'll be sitting here just North of Knoxville, TN until the day after Labor Day. If anyone wants to visit just let me know. It is an easy day trip from here to DollyWood, Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mtns. I'll let you use the bedroom and I'll sleep on the couch. I have to work 20 hours a week, but that is usually a three day period and then I have 4 days off.

It's just a thought. 

Oh, and I will be in Pittsburgh on the 6th, 7th and 8th. of Aug. 

...with me.


...and a few dozen of our closest friends.




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