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....another silly game.  A & Q    (answers and questions)
Give an answer and the next person has to generate a question for that answer
then give another answer for someone else to respond to.


How does my bra feel at the moment?

a grope
What did Pru get last month?


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What is the name of the latest "coming of age" movie.

Wind blown
Can you name another one?

Bad hair day
What Chez tries to avoid everyday.

alarm clock
What is that thing I whacked with my book this morning?

Cop shows
When dust haunts your home, who ya gonna call?

Lava lamp
Worst gift ever given to me.

President Obama
I have an electric one.

Skinny Jeans
What is this thing my foot is stuck in?

The catbird seat
HAHAHA. Sorry, I don't have anything for catbird seat, but I love your reply to skinny jeans.
What is a stuffed cat on your patio called?

Poppa John's
what you get when your drivers license is taken away?

global gridlock
What is the hottest up and coming band?





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