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How can it get any better?


Mark Williams baiting the Idiot Left with his Monkey God comments. How does the guy keep getting face time? Is everybody in print, radio and TV just too stupid to get it? Maybe he could get more publicity if he Photoshopped Michelle Obama onto a Playboy cover, but I doubt it. If ever there was a fringe movement, Tea Party Express is it. These people couldn't carry a state of Doberman Pinscher owners with a free-hamburger platform. Asking them fiscal questions is like asking Yanni about Heifitz, and I do not mean that in a good way ... Is there anyone in any of the various Tea Party cells who has ever made a rim-to-rim trek of the Grand Canyon without eating the donkeys?


Obama baiting the Idiot Right with his cuddle-up with Calderon, the leader of a failed nation of fools who cannot pry themselves from their own romanticized past, blind to the atrocities they keep alive even today. ... a guy who had to be sworn in under heavy guard at a secret location before stepping out to enforce his country's own heavy-handed immigration laws and suicidal economic policies with the help of a police force famous for its corruption, all the while yammering on about how borders should not separate us. ... if Barry keeps this shuffle going, he's 5-3 to get re-elected ... he has become a pretty good lower-level grifter ... before all this White House stuff he was so stupid he lost money in Chicago - Chicago, mind you! - before he got propped up by real estate OPM scammers...back then the guy couldn't have poured water out of a boot if the directions had been on the heels...Ivy League law degree and he goes into politics first thing? ... please... why not just go be a community organizer or something?


But wait, there's more ...


Laissez-faire Tea Party people who love "no regulation" , but don't seem to be going to Somalia in great numbers...if Somalia ain't the world's greatest social lab, I don't know what is. At least their pirates can make change in their heads and run a half-mile without collapsing. Try that with your average suburban high-school kid here...good luck if the change involves pennies or the run is not downhill. Check it out ... the only thing stupider than a middle-class Tea Partier is a working-class Republican or a lower-class Democrat...they're all like fat guys in topless bars...they'd blow even more money, but the law won't let the strippers actually reach into their pockets.


Plus ... the Lakers are going to go all the way! The Celtics are next...they're good, but they ain't the Lakers any more than the Suns are ...


Gin is good, isn't it? It brings such clarity to everything.


Get me some more ice while you're up, please. 







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Liberiarans??? Aren't they the people who have dredlocks and wear strange color combinations while reading books?
No. you're thinking of the Liebermarians: they drive Camaro 396s and color Shepard Fairey "Obey" posters whenever they encounter them, which they are convinced happens frequently.
Thank you, dear ! The Libertarians, my God, the Libertarians!

Ah, how pernicious gin is, that it lets Mark Williams pass while blocking Theodora Nathan from one's mind. The first woman to receive an Electoral vote. In 1972, at that! I'm surprised her supporters could put aside their Neil Young albums without getting seeds all in the rug long enough to get in the Gremlin X and go to the polls.

The Libertarians oppose drug laws, but they refuse to take a formal stance on the death penalty? What's the matter, are the George Clinton fans competing for cell space with the child killers?

A Libertarian is the only guy who will argue with a woman in a bar when shutting up might get him laid.
Nothing wrong with a Tequila Sunrise ...
My stepmother was an RN, and she would dose your ass in a minute if you got too rowdy.
I appear to be replying to "Hmmpphhhh!!!!" but in fact it is a broad commentary on the entire thread. Actually, I suppose it is guy commentary, but be that as it may, the commentary proceeds thusly, more or less: Since I hate insulting political rants, why am I not offended by this thread? Why do I find it so amusing even though I haven't a clue who 2/3 of the people mentioned are?
One of life's imponderables. I suppose I should get a glass of something and ponder it for a spell.
"...it is a broad commentary on the entire thread. Actually, I suppose it is guy commentary..."

Yeah, let the broads get their own commentary. Where is Naomi Wolf when we need her?

OK...that's enough pondering. Everybody out of the pond!

DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed you, hope all is well in your neck of the woods!



And yet people still buy Billy Ray Cyrus albums.

Yup, its just amazing what people will do to mend an achy breaky heart.




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