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Our friend Ave is flying today to South Corea to join the group of "Physicians Without Borders"
in a very special mission, with helping hands with the orphans. It is a very risky mission. Although
Ave was enjoying her Sabatical Year and her new relationship with Chris, she didn't hesitated to help us out. We are praying for her safety.

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Thank you Ave..Namaste
yes we are embracing Ave & Chris in our circle of light and love..it must be very hard on them to
part from each other while having dreams and building a life for them..God bless Ave in her work ..
I don't really know Avebella, but I am so touched by her gift to those children. What an amazing woman she is.
Yes she is a wonderful woman. Only unique people is able to
fight and risk their own lives for the godness of others...
I've heard of Chick Corea, but not South Corea.




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