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I just posted reply 6666 in word association. Am I damned?

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WOW! PA, You shouldn't have done that. Your Ning membership is probably cursed now and anyone connected with you in any way will experience difficulty with site navigation and see the dreaded "Our Apologies" page frequently.
Maybe I should delete the entry and all will return to normal.
You are a brave man---Wow--never do that Pickle---never
Hell, that's part of my phone number. Keeps my mom from calling all the time. Good little useful phone number.
my phone number also has three sixs in a row in it. Now I know I am damned.
Dear Pickle, Damned, No I don't think so. That being said, I think you may be eternally "Gosh Darned", and even possibly be "Gee Willikered". Either way, I will semi pray for your kinda, sorta condemned (or not) ectoplasm.
Yeah, brace yourself pickle - prepare for an earthquake. The sad thing is that all the innocent people who live in your town will also be squished by your earthquake. Not very considerate of you.
Do you have garlic?... Not that it will help, but one can never have to much garlic.
Not to worry pickle. My first new truck with my old company was 666. Driving the interstate, other drivers would get on the CB and tell me how crazy I was to drive a truck with such a number. At a friend's suggestion, I named her Christine and had her name stenciled on each side of the hood under the number. Last year that same friend hauled his boat to FL. He said it was best to him to leave Friday but it was Friday the 13th. I laughed at him and told him I drove Christine on many Friday the 13ths. Christine was a good ol' girl and I drove her for 3 years before I got another new truck, 938.
No Pickleallen ~ you added an extra "6" so you're good! It adds up to 24 which reduces to 6 which is divided by 2 reducing it to 3 which is the number of people one should not have to dinner. So you see? You're fine.
DZGD, Are you saying one should not invite odd people to diner? I always invite odd people. They are the only ones who accept my invitations.
Maybe I misinterpreted?
Robbie, I do believe you have... lol




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