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I sometimes wonder: Whatever happened to David Freund? David Freund attended my junior high school, Wagner Junior High School in Philadelphia. We were in the same classes in the seventh grade (homeroom teacher, Miss Lillian Camaioni) and the eighth grade (Mrs. MacKay). He later attended Central High School, but transferred after the tenth grade. We were in the same homeroom classes in ninth and tenth grades; the homeroom teachers were Mrs. Barbara Sandler, a French teacher and Mr. Santo Diano, a math teacher, respectively.

David Freund played the clarinet and participated in orchestra in junior high, under Eleanor Betz, later Eleanor Alter. Miss Betz got married during Easter vacation in April 1966 at St. Joseph's Church, the oldest Catholic Church in Philadelphia. She married Lawrence Alter, another instrumental teacher. She taught violin. He taught brass. I suppose they were the perfect complement to each other. I recall that before she got married she lived at Society Hill Towers, designed by I.M. Pei, the noted architect, and drove a Volkswagen. Her parents were German, and she had studied in Germany.

David Freund's mother was named Florence. He attended Elwood Elementary School in East Oak Lane. He was rather rebellious and individualistic. I remember in high school we had an air raid drill. He refused to participate because he said preparing for a nuclear attack was futile.

So, does anyone know whatever became of David Freund?

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