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wandering through the myriad of memories, sorting false from true, documenting moments frozen forever in my mind, i seek release. Let the goblins of before no longer bar the door of the future.. tomorrow shall unfold as it shall, and I look to greet the day open hearted....

these rambling words seeking coherence, looking for plot, and substance.... form, function... beyond easing this pain in my head that begs release... perhaps this is how all stories begin....

This whole internet thing is hard for a guy like me.. i am a talk over coffee, write with paper and pen, read books and newspapers kind of guy. I love the anticipation and the wait between letters to loved ones, i like that i do not have a phone with me always and that important calls find me anyway. I like the leisurely pace of the past, 40 hour work weeks, with dreams of 30, planned trips, and being outdoors.. meeting at the coffee shop or pub to share the gossip of the day... this is my way... So you can imagine my shock when one day I met her online.

Started as conversation, her laughing at my archaic ideas and ways, sharing a few simple confidences... I thought this whole internet was fascinating, and really wanted to be current and relevant, but she sensed my unease, and laughingly wrote me a letter, "snail mail", and it was wonderful. Things that are lost on the internet, that you find in writing, is texture, the way one forms their words, the emotion of the handwriting, the scent of the paper,,, touching something that was held by the other... it is personal, and intimate... I laughed because she thought me naive to be willing to give my address so easily. "I could be anybody" she said, and i agreed...

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Comment by Cat on December 11, 2009 at 2:16am
Nice Casey! Thanks for the post.



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