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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You are feeling the Moon's fragmenting tugs as she first pulls you one way and then another. You might try to disregard your changing emotions, but now you don't seem to have a lot of control over what you're feeling. Let the whimsical winds blow as they might; attempts to alter their direction are fruitless. Take detours and scenic routes when possible, for your experience widens once you step off the beaten path.

I write because of the revelations of change that seem to be in my stars, or cards depending on which method I have chosen to employ. Not that this was a big secret, because I had already stepped out of my comfort zone a while ago. My interest is in the readings after my deeds are done, like reading the epilogue before the prologue only to find out if I have survived my journey on the path. The mystery is that I am amazed to find how accurate, especially this past year, my charts have read, after the fact. I guess if I had a big head I could be flattered that the stars, or cards have read my life just as I have lived it.

The real mystery is that I have in fact lived it and survived. Still, I sit and listen to winds as they shift and change and gently pass by me with a whisper----"Keep to the right, let those who will pass at their own speed. You are not in a rush to get to the end, so take you time." At least, I think that is what the wind whispered to me last night.

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