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a few words from the peonosphere

by the nitrogenderation

i am not a well qualified customer

& certainly not

on the whitehouse guest list

i don't know what focus group

to whom popular entertainment is aimed;

it is beyond me.

inexorably recognizing

in your eyes

i am a peon.

with your words you honor me

but we both know

somethings are better left


i am not well at all

yes i can see that

in fleeting moments of lucidity,

but in my dream of dreams

i was told a word

that once spoken ~

a world of wonder would be unveiled.

try as i might

i don't remember.

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Tags: classic, heart, lyric, moptzar, purpose, rock, song


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Comment by caseyjo on March 20, 2010 at 12:14pm
We come in equal....We go out alone....everything in-between is questionable at best...Its liquid, never stays the same. As long as you love your own self and your own life, it makes absolutely no difference what the other guy thinks or where he party's....One mans trailer trash is another mans trailor treasure, As you can see I am not well...I prefere it that way..



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