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This just in as a twist in my blogging if that is what they call this I am doing it is all green to me. I have predicted many world events before they happen and in each instance the news reports them after wards. I see and hear these so called self professed psychic clowns not that I believe any of that hooky pooky. I myself know better. There is a educated and uneducated versions of all professions in life. There are Doctors who like the Medicine Man and Witch Doctors are Homopathic Doctors they treat Illness and Sickness with nature based treatments and chemicals. There are Doctors that go to Medical School my son is an Emergency Room Doctor . I am educated up the wazoo and I can tell you that all my success did not come from any formal education I got or degrees I earned it all came from experiences and applying my talents, gifts and common sense thrown in the pot made me the self made woman I am today not to mention my two parents.

Does this mean they are phonys or frauds no it mean they choose to take a different type of medicine and they too operate openly and legally as long as a release is signed and all legally laws are abided.

Today I read a article about an 84 year old man who got his high school diploma and he himself said" What am I going to do with now this go get a job" This man made it and raised a family put his children through college without this little piece of paper we place so much value on in society.

My both parents had no formal educations and both had sad circumstances that were caused to them however they rose above all adversity and became producers of two careers and even a very wealthy business owner.. These were the two people who molded and shaped The USA and the Government was not too concerned about how they healed the economy in the depression and yet we find ourselves right back to 1929 only worse .

College Educated people with no jibs and little common sense to boot all book learned and no life or work experience in the field they hold the degree in. "Education does not determine how far you go it only helps"

What are we too do when all this man made and proven to be defunct ways fail I guess in order to understand the future you must understand the past not go back . Come On making the same mistakes and worse yet never getting the cause prices too high and wages that do not compete the balance is gone there was balance in the past .

Think People !!!

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