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Back in 1985 I worked with a fellow named Charles (Chas) Green. He had a law degree and subsequently joined the army as a member of the JAG Corps.

One day Chas said to me: "Someday you're going to screw the wrong person, and they're going to find your body floating, face down, with a knife in your back, in the Potomac."

Oddly enough, at that very time in 1985 one of the law clerks at the firm where we worked was Glenn A. Fine, Esq., now Inspector General of the United States. Chas and I worked in the second floor library. Mr. Fine's office was on the second floor, near the bathroom. Mr. Fine used to check into reference materials in the library from time to time.

So is there someone out there who plans to do me in? Should I contact the police? Do I have any enemies here on TBD that I should be worried about?

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Comment by caseyjo on September 22, 2009 at 9:37pm
I don't think so...See how they run like Lucy in the sky.



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