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Oh, sweet sparrow, how you once flew,
Peacefully through skies so blue,
Breathing air which you've never known,
Gracefully flying as you've never flown.

A free spirit carried you so high.
Oh, how you lived for that open sky.
Soaring to heights that you've never been,
Never wanting to land, nor to descend.

Maneuvering freely without a care,
So uninhibited, so full of flair.
Flamboyantly winging, just full of grace,
Well in command of your air and space.

Who caused you to swoop so low
Crashing you to the ground below.
Where predators lurk in the grass and sage
To pounce on you with human rage.

Escape, sweet sparrow, for you must soar
To those same heights where you were before.
Fly again Sparrow, like you once flew,
Peace and happiness will return to you.

B.G. Wetherby

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