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Hi Everyone ,Today is a bright sunny day and the summer is here... I am going to have fun in the sun and take a nice cool glass of Ice tea or Lemonade, I am getting ready to go out for some run around time doing errands .. How blessed we all are to get today and to do all these wonderful things we are not promised tomorrow. We get today and I make the most of every day even if it is watching a movie on Tv or on my computer. I like to think that a tthe end of the day I had a good day and did something kind daily for someone else to spread the kindness around.

When you have your health yo have your wealth so many take for granted the gifts of walking , running and just going through everyday with out a medical hang up or set back. We can not begin to know what life would be like when we loose our independence or the dependence it placers on someone else .How true it rings that people do not know poor yet!!!

This is Poor in America People who have Homes, Cars maybe Two , A Cell Phone No Make that A Blackberry /PDA

I- Phone A Computer or Laptop too a Digital Camera , Designer Clothing and Handbags, Take Vacations Big Weddings. A Boat, RV-Camper, Motorcycle, Jet Skier, Mountain Bikes, Jewelery , This is Poor!!!

TThis is all what poor people have imagine if you were rich what you could and would have there is not much I left out is there.... The thing is people have all this stuff yes stuff yet still seem to not be fully satisfied they want more and more

Think People are you really poor, poor is nothing none of this stuff at all or any place to put it in to live or transport you around in that is poor when you get that you will fully understand the meaning of poverty and impoverished.


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Comment by Angel Austin on July 14, 2009 at 9:22am
I am so grateful God gave me a brain a heart, and most of all Challenged me to use it wisely...



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