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outside the entrance of the NY Renaissance Faire last Sunday.



We are our Illusions...

We are the essence from our past
the result we carry with us, living it right now
what we make out of it in this very moment
that we will have to live in our future.

We are living our illusions and dreams
all our concepts and our images
as real as it can be in this present moment
being identified with what we believe we are.

We are holding on our illusion of self
enforcing and defending it with all means
suffering from confronting reality
so much different than we want it to be.

Peace and love are still far away
what shows clearly in our daily reality
we are longing to fulfill just our basic needs
to keep going somehow to survive.

If we don't learn from our past, the yesterday
not looking to the possible results in the tomorrow
we will not be able to be aware of this moment
staying stuck in illusions and self images.

No wise advice can make people wake up
they might adapt new 'spiritual' concepts
but their illusion will stay fairly untouched
covered with images of harmony and love.

If we look at this moment and what is really there
then how can one deal with ones desperation
how can one take all the suffering around?
The loneliness and the lack of love?

Are we not tired of all those beautiful concepts
given us for many generations as heritage?
What we see around us is: Money making
as the most important all over the planet.

This is what occupies people the most, or not?
They all want satisfaction and go for it
fulfillment of their needs, of their dreams
confirmation of their personal illusions.

Yes, being aware of oneself, this moment
finding out how we are really might be a step
although this can't be an advice to be followed
only the result of a long growing process.

The card house of illusion will need to collapse
before people will question their living habits
asking themselves for a sense beyond money
and all the materialistic aspects of life.

Of course we can talk about all this, although -
I would like to share the space between words
the silence of this night with flickering stars
touching us from outside in - inside out...

9. 1. 05

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Comment by Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana on August 17, 2011 at 9:30pm
I like this very much Mari. Well posted. Great photo to go with too I might add.



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