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I've had a ponytail since my college days, college years actually, 1963 until around 1969. As the years passed I've lost the hair on top of my head and have braided my ponytail. Yesterday I went to a 'hair salon' and was greeted by a young cuttress who escorted me to an empty barber chair. I didnt let her lime green striped hair fill me with trepidation (who am I to be judgemental?). I told her I wanted an inch taken off my ponytail and the rest trimmed. I didn't want the hair on the sides falling over my ear. She took a shear and proceeded to whitewall the right side of my head from my forehead to over my ear. Seeing the horrified look on my face she asked "Is that too short?" "YES!!" I replied. Like it could be fixed at that point. So I got the other side to match and left without paying. Later that afternoon one of my 35 year old, dirtball sons, replete with tatoos and assorted piercings came by. I answered the door, nonchalantly, and was greeted by "Cool, you got a Philly fade" (or maybe it's a filly fade). So I gained his respect....which is good as I won't be leaving the house for many weeks and will need someone to buy me groceries.....if I could only trust him with money.


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Comment by mercerquietman on December 17, 2012 at 5:23pm

Never understood that ponytail thing. But then I cut my own hair. I take that clippers, put a quarter inch guide on it and go over my whole head. I like it cuz my hair is already combed when I get up in the morning so it gives me time to keep up with my busy schedule. Drives my bald headed friends nuts.

Comment by frenchy on December 9, 2012 at 4:03am

kids .. ya gotta love em .. cause you can't live with em and you can't shoot em .. but you don't have to trust em .. btw.. whats a philly fade ?? 

Comment by Laura on December 7, 2012 at 6:57am

Sorry you got a bad haircut.  In my observation of the young hair dressers cutting hair,  I wonder who the teachers are now days.  They don't even cut a straight cut any more.  They do a choppy cut between their fingers.  I cut my own.  Figure since I have worn it the same style for years,  I can't go wrong with my own pulling it up and cutting it off and letting it fall layered.  I hope if you get another cut,  you ask around after observing other peoples cuts and find out who they go to.  You may find one that way,  who will just do as you want,  properly.  If you have to go out,  can you wear a hat? 

Comment by truckie on December 7, 2012 at 12:29am

now you know how risco feels...maybe a support group

hey mate..good to see you.

Comment by Jaylee53 on December 6, 2012 at 5:57pm

Very funny! 

Comment by Stir Young on December 6, 2012 at 5:37pm

Well, I have the bald pate with a ponytail in back too, although I didn't start it 'til four years ago.

I've had no trimming....it probably look bad to others, but I like it.  Throughout my working career, I wore short hair, never got into The Age of Aquarius and other phases of finding myself.

As a senior citizen, I actually did re-enter the work force.  I contemplated cutting off the tail for the job interview, but didn't do it.  I sure was glad I didn't when I was hired WITH the ponytail.

Frankly, I've been very hesitant to get a trim.  I can't afford any mistakes.......it took too long to get it this far, what with nothing coming into the pony tail from the top.

Well, all the best to you, uno.  Just remember, growing one's hair is what you may call a low impact hobby, not many bucks need be spent to support it.



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