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10 years experience

The job market has an emerging problem, which could get worse if the economy doesn't improve.  Employers are increasingly adding more and more experience requirements to their job descriptions.  Entry level jobs are now up to 2-3 years of "relevant" experience.  Many blogs and recruiters confirm this in their articles and personel experience. …


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Unemployment problem

There was a study completed within the last 2 years about the unemployed.  There is a deficit of 10.2 million jobs since 2007.  Several employer related factors contribute to the inability of unemployed workers to find jobs.  One reason is that some employers refuse to hire unemployed people.  In fact, the study produced a figure of 82% of employers who discriminate against the unemployed.  A second factor is background checks. …


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If you pay attention to the major news outlets, you would think the economy is getting better (http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/02/01/unemployment-ticks-up-to-7-9-but-signs-of-strong-recovery/).  Most of the news organizations ignore the net job losses, workforce participation rates and most of all, the level of underemployment in the United States.  There are strong indicators that things are…


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Gun Control

In the recent debate about gun control, I am leaning in the direction of the President.  Although pretty conservative economically and socially for the most part, I have no problem with some forms of gun control.  The right to own a handgun and a hunting rifle are rights that I can accept as part of a true democracy.  Owning assault weapons is another story.  The conservative right seems to be countering gun control legislation with a lot of ideological arguments rather than practical…


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