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Vernon Windsor's Blog – November 2012 Archive (2)

An open letter to Senator John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

We need to talk. Why the unwarranted attack on Susan Rice, our UN ambassador? You have served in the US Senate long enough to know how the CIA handles matters of national security. I know, too, that you have been involved with investigations about the FBI. You were even a subject of one, if I recall. Yet, by threatening to block the yet-to-be-made appointment of Rice to be Secretary of State, you embody the very dysfunction and lack of statesmanship that has…


Added by Vernon Windsor on November 19, 2012 at 2:46pm — 8 Comments

Okay, let me just tell you...

I worked on the Obama campaign. I put myself in a self-imposed media vacuum for the last four days of the election. I just figuratively put myself in the harness, put my head down and pulled. Once the objective had been reached, I crashed like a salmon after spawning. After finally waking up, I decided I needed some light-hearted entertainment—so I turned on Fox News.

Oh my goodness! I must admit it was somewhat satisfying to see the Fox News universe running around, banging into each…


Added by Vernon Windsor on November 9, 2012 at 12:28pm — 16 Comments



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