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Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in, sit a while, refresh yourself

with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco, and a Dew or two. We have fresh

baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be a tad hungry too.

Your money isn't any good here, but your friendship is a valued and

priceless thing..so come on in and enjoy yourself.  If no one is here,

please leave a note letting us know you came by to visit...:)

Ladyg  owner

Mary    manager

Lynn    bartender

I also have the Gathering Place Cafe I've set up in EONS...so please drop

in and say hi there too

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Spring and the sun is shinning

bright your way!!!!

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LOL hey Ladyg...hope you don't mind about my setting up cafe for weekend!! and hope you are having a grand Saturday, enjoying the 1st day of Spring!!!!!!!!

Hi Mary, it's a beautiful day here in the 'Burgh! The sun is shining, crocuses are blooming, and we don't even need jackets today!
Have a great weekend!
boy!!! dont no what happened!!! yesterday it was sunny almost 70!...today its raining & snowing ..yea u heard that rite!! snowing!! ....this just ant gittin it!!! ..ugh!!!!
hello, all! the sun will win in the end, jeff, and the plants will bloom and the leaves will appear and then we'll be whining about how HOT it is! at least snow doesn't stick around, this time of year....

got up to 77 here, today, yay!!!!!
Hey Lynn, Goldilocks (Happy Birthday!) and of course Dew Jeff........hope everyone is
enjoying their day!
yea i saw how u & kris were bad mouthing me last nite! ,,,boy oh boy !! ..what am i going to do with u two ..& ladyg too!!!....lol
Aww dew Jeff we just love u a whole bunch and having fun....well u have to admit
put goofy up.......and a way we go!!!.........all in grand fun.....u should have joined
in instead of just lurking..........LOL
Boy leave 2 chickies alone in a gatherning place,never know what might happen lol we were being good and staying in our own corners happy and ladyg came in and made us happier lol.You didnt have a chance to defend urself jeffie lol.We partayed.
LOL........we are like the Double Trouble Chickies...........watch out, Jeff!!! lol
Double trouble will be us then lol




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