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Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in sit a while, refresh
yourself with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a Dew or two. We
have fresh baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be a
tad hungry, too..........Your money isn't any good here, but your friendship is valued, so come in and
enjoy yourself...if no one is here, please just leave a note to let us know you came to visit.......:)

Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender

I also have the Gathering Place....I also set up a group in EONS...so please drop in and say hi there too..................


Hope all have a peaceful and relaxing day of rest today!


Here is your Dew Jeff

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The doors are always open, come in sit have a cup of fresh brewed coffee on us. Your money is no good here. The lounge is for the members to come in and be comfortable. Welcome all who pass this way, please drop a line and say hello.

Mary when you read this, I will not be able to do the party today. I will not be home until late tonight. I'm sorry we will have to do this another weekend.
Not a problem, my friend, let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help........
are you on facebook all day again :)???
good Saturday to all! Ladyg, Mary, Kristine, jeff, Goldilocks, and all the rest who might stop by, just remember to enjoy something today!
A warm and sunny 'ello to all - I so hope everyone's week-end is calm, and relaxing, or productive and not stressful is working!
Evening and is this where its happening and party is?lol
This was where it was suppose to be at, but Ladyg needed to cancle.....I'm so sorry chickie cat, didn't have time to let you know this morning and just getting home for the day...Don't for get to Set your clocks up an hour tonight before going bed :)




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