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Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in sit a while, refresh
yourself with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a Dew or two. We
have fresh baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be a
tad hungry, too..........Your money isn't any good here, but your friendship is valued, so come in and
enjoy yourself...if no one is here, please just leave a note to let us know you came to visit.......:)

Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender

I also have the Gathering Place....I also set up a group in EONS...so please drop in and say hi there too..................


Hope all have a peaceful and relaxing day of rest today!


Here is your Dew Jeff

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Coffee and Donuts for my friends

Oh my Chickie's this gentlemen does dishes, hubba, hubba

what a precious kitty! have a nice napper, Mary!
good monday to the rest of you -- Ladyg, Kristine (welcome back!), jeff, Goldilocks, and anyone else who stops in!
Good morning ladyg,chickie mary,and hi and a good morning to u.Yea,im back and if ladyg keeps bringing them men in and im looking for some help this morning lol.Would let him cook,clean lol.On my way to work,will be back later.
I keeping messing your post's...lol I just knew you would say that......lol chickie cat...lol

Hey Lynn *waves* to you....a great Monday afternoon to ya"...:)
Well of course Id let that man cook be Mr clean if he wanted to lol
Chickie Cat, we keep missing each other today, why is that? Boo Hoo...lol

I'll go along with you on the Mr. Clean, any time....lol
Just got done taking my kido to dance practice,still waiting on mr clean.
Well heck, do u think mr clean will show up??? It's the waiting part that I dont like..lol
Looks like we we going to be waiting lol




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