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Hello Folks,
Welcome to our little coffee shop, where we just gather when we want to take a little break, chat with whomever might be here at the moment and get to know each other. It's a friendly little place and everyone is welcome. Just say hello and folks here should respond. If no one happens to be here at the moment, just stick around or keep an eye on the last post to see who pops up to greet you.

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Well it's another day, and it's shaping up to be a beautiful one. In the 50's here. Time to get outside and get some work done and ready for the next blast.

Hi, Joe! I'm rt. Just stopped in before heading off for the evening. My, you start the day early around here! Supposed to be high 50's today in the West as well. Finally started a sunshine trend today; no more gloomy for awhile I hope.
Enjoy your day.
Dang, I missed both of these guest and I never did catch the goat that wandered by.
Good Morning, Grinders! It's almost Friday... Woot! 28 degrees F here in CT. CuppaJoe, want to trade?! LOL!
Good morning! Anyone still here?

Hi Moosie!
Good morning Sandy! Got that frying pan close by?
Sandy, I'm so glad to hear that. . . if you have any ideas PM one of us! So far, it's been real fun, and I see it getting better!
I've met some fun people here that I've seen around a lot, and I hope to meet lots more. This is a great group!
Hey Sandy! Ladyg is having a party on Saturday night! Come on in for that. She always has a fun party. . . OMG, you'll love it!




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