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Hello Folks,
Welcome to our little coffee shop, where we just gather when we want to
take a little break, chat with whomever might be here at the moment and
get to know each other. It's a friendly little place and everyone is
welcome. Just say hello and folks here should respond. If no one
happens to be here at the moment, just stick around or keep an eye on
the last post to see who pops up to greet you..


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Good Morning All!


Happy Friday

and to Marti - HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Good morning! Marti, I know you'll be here at some point. . . have a VERY happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Marti,

I hope I got the age right and didn't put too many years on the cake.

noone told you we womenfolk quit aging at 29?
Happy Birthday Marti! Ahhhh to be young!!
Good Morning All...Happy Birthday Marti!!!Hope it's a great day for you
Good afternoon, everyone! It's started snowing, just a dusting so far here.
Enjoy your Friday, all!

Happy Birthday, Marti!

Happy Birthday! (Click Me)
Happy Friday afternoon everyone! Goldilocks, Amanda, rhb1 - not sure we've actually met. I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you. I'm an oldie from the orig. tbd & Daily Grind. Just started dropping back in here regularly.

{{{((({{{Cat~RBAM~CyberDoug~Taylor hug!!}})))}}} yummy!! Now, where's that kayaker & Buzz?
Heah come da Buzz. Heah come da Buzz. Flinging kisses all around.
yummy! big hug for you! {{{((({{{Buzz~Taylor}}})))}}}
How goes it today, Buzz?
It's cold & wet here, but it hasn't dampened my good spirits!
Hi Darling.
I've been shoveling about 7 inches of snow so far. trying to stay ahead
Wooo hoooooooooooo it's FRIDAY! Hi Taylor, hi Cuppa!




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