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Hi Everyone, I am a returning member who was on myatlantis.ning.com but they had maintaince on their site for the longest time. be good to me an I promise I will stay.



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Hello from Anchorage, Alaska! I see we're on opposite sides of the the country from each other. We just got five inches if snow finally! It was in the mid 50's two weeks ago. Are you a sports fan?


I haven't posted anything on this site for a long long time.  It seems that there is not much activity in most of the rooms.

Hi Bonnie, I was a member of myatlantis.ning.com for awhile. When I left this site a couple of years ago it was active. If you would like to chat you can e-mail me at edwarderikson11@hotmail.com.



Howdy and welcome, Edward!




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