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Hello and Welcome to all that come by our humble lounge. Please sit and have coffee and breakfast or we also have take out if you need to get to work. A place for people to come in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Leave a message and say hello, we are so glad that you stopped by to visit us.

Ladyg - Owner
Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender



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Welcome friends to the first day of the new year. I am so sorry that I was not here to open up this morning but I could not get in to TBD. So I will put up lunch for my friends to enjoy. Have a great day.

Thank you Ladyg ~ hubby's & my mouths are watering!!

Thank you for lunch, Ladyg!  i'm off to make cookies, since you inspired me to do that last nite!

So glad everyone has enjoyed lunch.............hopefully I can put up breakfast in the morning..........so glad you both stopped by Gillin Turkey and Kathy you both would have enjoyed the New Year's Party. But we will have more parties to throw. Happy New Year's to you both.

Lynn, is making cookies...........yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

yep they turned out pretty well.  i tossed in white chocolate chips and pecans in addition to my rum-soaked raisins in the oatmeal cookies!  i haven't made cookies in probably 20 years....  thank you for the inspiration, Ladyg!

thank you for stopping in, GillinTurkey and Kathy!  hope you'll come back often!

Gee this all looks so good-sorry I couldn't bye for lunch today. I am hoping to stop in for some breakfast in the morning..Everyone have a good night

Good Morning Gatherers...........I am up not so bright eyed or bushy tailed what ever that is, lol, Hey Kathy and Ladysilverbird breakfast is being served. 

Lynn...........rum soaked raisins in oatmeal cookies..........yummo

Wow LadyG, did you forget me... Can I have it for lunch instead?? Lol. All looks scrumptious!

Never forget you Gillin.............I often have breakfast for lunch..........enjoy.

Good Morning - everyone and that breakfast looks really good and it is only 8.30am here and I am hungry.

Glad everything looks good Annie and Ladysilverbird glad you liked it.

hello, all!  took much of the afternoon to get ning to cooperate and let me visit here, but i made it!

Ladyg, i have to say thank you for the idea of the oatmeal cookies.  yes, rum-soaked raisins were an inspiration -- no underage kiddlings here to make that a problem!  i took a small container of them to "my" lifeguard at the pool, and when i was driving there, i realized i could really smell the rum from those raisins, so i warned him, maybe he should wait 'til the end of his shift to actually eat them, but when i went back into his office to say g'bye, after my laps, i saw they were half gone, so i reckon he wasn't too worried!




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