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Hello and Welcome to THE GATHERING PLACE LOUNGE. We hope this place will become your home away from home. We want you to relax, stop into the Morning Fix for coffee, stop by on the weekend and party with us and enjoy yourself with new and old friends. We will listen and care about you and never, ever judge nor will disrespect from others be accepted, that kind of behavior is not allowed. We are about fellowship, friendship and lots of fun. Also make sure you stop by The Daily Grind, and Moosie’s Crossing down the way and say HEY. REMEMBER THE WELCOME MAT IS ALWAYS OUT AND THE SIGN ON OUR DOOR SAYS WELCOME HOME.

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Good morning! Stopping in to see your new place. Looks great! Have a happy and safe Labor Day!
Good Morning! Happy Labor day to you Cat!!!!!!...isn't it fab!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same to you Mary! I was confused as to which thread to go in, but I'm here. Have a great day today and be safe!
LOL......Yes I know....so I just hope to all of them!!!!!...LOL
Good morning! hope this final day of the summer's final weekend is a great one!
Morning {{{{{Lynn}}}}}}}....:) yep it's still morning......for another 30 mins or so.....lol.......and I agree the summers final weekend is a great one, too!!!!!!!!.....

and {{{{{{{{{Cat}}}}}}}}} this is for you!!!!!!!...I forgot, just woke up,don't you know.......lol
{{{{{{{{{{{{MARY}}}}}}}} Back at ya! LOL Gotta run, stuff to do.
Hello...back.....lol.......we just keep missing each other......but am over in DG for about 30 more mins.....then gone.......till later.......:)
heading out for my swim, see you all this evening!
Reply by lynn 10 minutes ago
heading out for my swim, see you all this evenin

We will be here Lynn, I am going to trim this down some. You will see what I mean.
Good morning & afternoon....Hey! Where do the wallflowers sit?




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