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I am borrowing this from the Daily Grind to let my members know what is going on:

This message is for both members and visitors. We have just been presented with a great opportunity and we have moved a little way down the street to bigger and better quarters. This came up all of a sudden yesterday and so we jumped on it. We are still on TBD/Ning, just in a different location. On any page you will see along the top border near where you click on “My Page”, “ Q&A”, “Forums”, ect., a new category called “The Welcome Lounge”. Just click on that, join the group and you will find us as a discussion thread along with other discussions such as “Moosie’s Crossing” and other of your favorite sites. More will be opening soon. And you are welcome to start your own discussions.
This will operate like the Welcome Lounge in the old TBD. If you are a member of the Welcome Lounge, you will automatically be a member of all the discussions there. So don’t bother to put your coat back on, just walk down the mall and come on in.

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