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Tag Again? 1 Comment

Anybody interested in getting up the old tag story format? I could start: Frankie was the fries-cutter at Bob's Burger Shack. He cut  them Idahos fresh and thick. when he had a heap he tossed them i… View »

Armadillo Friend Finder 1 Comment

Name: Bmichael Location: I’ll tell you later Age: I’ll tell you later Height: I’ll tell you later Body Type: Toned and Athletic Income: I’ll tell you later Marital Status: I’ll tell you later Drink:… View »

Non-Descript Man 2 Comments

It’s still very warm, though not as bad as yesterday and the day before. Hardy Square is almost deserted except for the hot dog vendor on the corner and some homeless folks sitting under the tree. Th… View »




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