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As far as his taxes go, I don’t think that there will be discovery of any kind of criminal wrongdoing with foreign governments or such. If there was, it would have come out by now through IRS procedures.

I do believe that he is afraid of being exposed by questionable business practices and more importantly (to him), we may come to find that his net worth is simply not as much as he has been touting over the years - something his ego couldn’t tolerate.

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I agree

Moi aussi.

Well, well, well...

A judge just ruled that The Clown can't block people from responding to his Twitter account because he doesn't like what they say - it's unconstitutional.

heh, heh, heh...it's almost enough to want to make me sign up.

(Big grin)

Ja, ja.

Earth to Dems...Earth to Dems...This whole attack on the Squad is just a "shock jock" ploy to draw attention away from all of his recent (and future) failures, designed to bolster his standing within the base.
Pass the censure resolution and go back to what you were doing.
The more attention you (and the Press!) give him, the more this will continue. Don't you guys have any kids?
Shout out to AOC...No more crying on Capitol Hill and national tv. Yes, the immigrant conditions
are horrible, despicable, but keep your head. Call a truce with your Party and stop feeding the Trump campaign.

Please Don't Feed The Animals 

So. Do you have your DITCH MITCH t shirt yet ? Anyone?

No, but I follow his opponent on Twitter and am seriously considering donating money to her.

Are you referring to Moscow Mitch?

  1. Oh, ýes. That t shirt also. What is the opponent s name, now. Isn' she an army veteran?

Marine fighter pilot

Amy McGrath, a retired combat pilot and Marine lieutenant colonel.  Not too shabby a resume.




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