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I started this discussion in the sex talk group and have been very interested at the responses - thought I would see what everyone here has to say.

We are all here for different reasons, some for friends, just for fun and some are here for more serious relationships if that were to work out.
What's this experience done for you - has it changed you - been what you hoped it would be?

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Hi Beau. I started on tbd to meet friends and I have done so. Alot of great friends.
Now I am hooked.
Me too, carmen!

I have found this to be such a positive place. The people are kind and helpful, funny...and sexy as hell :) It has become an addiction...lol
I've found some terrific friends on TBD, and one has changed my life. It really works. Finding the time to reach out regularly is the hardest thing. Once I get this Ning thing figured out it'll all be good! Keep the faith ladies.
Hi Beau I joined the original T.B.D. and the new one to make friends and participate of meaningful discussions with people of my age group , and am very glad for all the friendships and people I have met and continue to meet here. This site is very unique and at the same time very friendly.
Welcome to the group Ralph. Very nice to meet you.
If you have any questions for anyone or everyone just ask away and have fun.
Thanks Carmen nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome . Looking forward to some interesting conversations.
Geat bunch of people here!.......
I just joined to meet new people - and did not really have any expectations. but I have enjoyed myself and found it a positive place and am really finding value in the small amount of time I can log in.
Hi Beau, I usually just luring by the last couple of days I have been trying to do some posting. I started out on the original site just for fun but have been amazed at the people and their knowledge!
I joined the old TBD after it was mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey show . And I loved the old TBD and the friends I made there. I have been very depressed since the old one closed down. I am not as active on this TBD...I appreciate that fact that it is here for us...but it's not the same as the old one. I still love the people and all the different groups and discussions...so many different things to do...and it is hard to keep in touch with everyone that you want to and still be able to keep up with what is happening in all my groups...and this site seems to run slower than the old one. It may be because of my outdated operating system...I know its not my connection because I have DSL and it runs fast on my son's laptop.
Hello Beau and tks for the question posed...

This is an opportunity to meet great down to earth people from all walks of life and exchange intelligent opinions... and also, have a place to write freely and comfortably on my topic of choice... ask me about my recently developed writing skills '-)
Hi Mzjean. Welcome to our little group here.
Hope you have fun and if you have any questions for anyone or everyone, just ask away. Thats what we're here for.




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