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Mind if I ask where you live in the states - I may have known but I forgot.

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I live in Northern Indiana.
My home is just about a mile or so from the Michigan border.
Not to far away then - what took you there or did you grow up there?

Carmen Diane Bailey said:
I live in Northern Indiana.
My home is just about a mile or so from the Michigan border.
Well Beau I finally got into my own group. Don't know how long it will last.
I was born in Illinois. When I was about 14 my older sister and her husband adopted me and they lived here in In. Thats how I got here.
Carmen - I forgot to ask what finally you had to do to get into the group. I have heard from some others that their computers are not always fond of the site with no reason as to why they act up when they do. I have had a couple of minor issues but they worked themselves out or someone else complained about the same thing and it was looked after.

I like your idea for a group Carmen - we plod along on here and sometimes know very little about each other and what makes our lives what they have become.
It seems to be getting better but it still happens once in a while. It is just getting better I don't know why. But I don't think it is my internet provider because it doesn't happen anywhere else.
Carmen YT has found your picture file and posted it in a thread on sex talk - something about finding someone lost - you should be able to work with it.
Way to go Carmen - I go away over night and your up to 63 members - alright girl!
Where do you live, Beau? I'm in North Carolina... and happy Tuesday, BTW!!
Hi Bob - I am way up north in Canada - near Toronto actually but I love the Carolina's. Sorry to be late with my answer.
Carmen, I'm in Southeastern Michigan, and Beau, I'm also across the river from Canada. I was in Toronto last spring. Love it!!!
I am a South Carolina girl by birth--lived in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virigina for many years. It is a bedroom community of D. C.
You live in Detoit don't you Bluerskies? Thats only about 4 hours from me I think.




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