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I remember George.

Britscot, ScotBrit, Fred...whichever name you knew him by...you knew who he was.  He was a prankster, he was outspoken and he was the first to greet the lovely ladies that joined the TBD website.

He and I had a constant battle over the glories and nonglories of Marmite, it became a reoccurring  theme on many threads.  I'll never forget him for that.

What are your memories of George?

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I remember a lot about George, but what stands out in my mind was his irreverent wit. The word rascal comes to mind. 

George was a good friend to me. He was the first person to speak to me on TBD. He challenged the way I thought about life, and the back and forth banter could get heated at times. Then he would turn around and be sweet. I tell ya, sometimes my head was spinning. I can honestly say I am the better for having those conversations with him.

Remember all those pictures he shared with us of his England, and some of the people who were dear to him? Those pictures were just beautiful! I wish I had saved them.

George "fixed" my way of thinking; it needed fixing. He shared some of his childhood miseries, and why he was passionate about certain areas of life. Turns out we had a lot in common, and explained so much. He cared. Sometimes it was hard to see because he could be sharp tongued, but the longer I knew him the more I realized that was just the way he spoke to everyone about anything at all.

I'll never forget that after he left, and didn't a lot of us, and when he came back as "someone else" he kept posting comments to me. Finally he posted "Joella, don't you know me? I'm Britscot!" Good, funny stuff. I posted a welcome back cartoon video of Monkey Man.

I miss him so much. I hope his wife, his family and friends are all doing well and good.

I remember George.

I enjoyed observing him from the sidelines because dealing directly with him was a little too intense for me.

We eventually became "friends" over some long-forgotten issue.

A couple of times I found myself "de-friended" for reasons unknown, but when I requested to be reinstated, it always happened.

I later learned that was just George's way of seeing whether I/we were paying enough attention (to him).  Others had the same experience, or so they reported to me.

When George passed away, we were no longer friends.  It turned out there was going to be no reinstatement this time.

I regret that life was too short.  I am grateful that we had been friends.

George was definitely a character.  What I also regret is that when people leave TBD and delete their profiles, all of their conversations go away.  I am grateful that some more technologically savvy than I am have backed up some of these conversations.  My memories of them couldn't possibly be as lurid as they really were.  I have a tendency to not see the juicy bits when they are happening.  I have mixed feelings about that.

I only have the best memories of George.

George was my very first friend on the original tbd and I loved him. I miss his wit and insight. Although George and I shared atheism, he will live on in my heart for as long as I live. He was a good man and a good friend who kept track of my highs and lows and was always there to cheer me in the low times with a story or a joke. I regret not having met him in person but I feel we couldn't have been much closer even if he'd lived next door. I always felt accepted and loved by George.

Oh goodness I remember George first by his beautiful photography on Eons and later his wit on Facebook

I was thinking about George this morning. He was so proud of having seen Lennon's beautiful white piano. This is for you, George!





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