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I was sad to hear my friend Elaine Davidson passed away on Sunday. She was known by many on Eons as Avonlady. She was on of my early friends on Eons. She loved to joke and loved music.

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She was a wonderful, loving, funny lady who had faced her share of sorrow and kept smiling. She will be missed. God bless her and her family

Elaine Davidson was one of my Facebook friends, and I was so sorry to hear she had passed.  I loved her jokes and music posts.

A year has passed without her, but everyday she has been carried in my heart and in the hearts of those who loved her. To honor the memory of this beautiful woman, I’ve decided to share the eulogy I wrote for her memorial.
My grandmother, Elaine Marie Davidson, was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother and a friend to many. She never knew a stranger.
She was born on December 13, 1943 to Helen and Howard Brush of Sewickly, Pennsylvania. She had an older brother named, James, with whom she was very close. Her mother remarried when she was very young, to Eugene Cross, the man she fondly knew as her father. Helen and Gene were both musicians and met at a music gig. It was love at first sight. And so began my grandma’s love for music.
Eventually the 4 of them moved to Phoenix, Arizona. This is where they made a life for themselves. She grew up down the street from Wayne Newton. We asked her what he was like back then. She said he was just a boy who loved his guitar. One day after school, a neighbor kid was bullying him and she jumped on the kid’s back to make him stop. Even back then she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right.
Through her school years, she made many friends, but she always considered her mother to be her best friend. They had many fond memories together. She couldn’t tell me a story about her that didn’t leave me smiling or touch my heart. It’s no wonder Grandma grew up to be such a loving person.
After she graduated from Carl Hayden High School, she took a job at Motorola as a circuit board tech. She then went on to be a waitress and office manager for a local business.
During this time, she endured 2 hard marriages which brought her to California and gave her 3 beautiful children, Kevin, Robert, and Tami. The strong woman that she is, she ended up raising them as a single mother and gave them the best childhood they could ask for. She made sure they didn’t want for anything.
Then in 1982, Grandma scored a touchdown, when she met the love of her life, my grandpa, LeRoy Davidson. They soon married and with his 2 children, Calvin and Kim, their family was complete.
In 1990, Grandma finally retired to become a homemaker and raise me. Grandma and Grandpa took me in as their own, became my guardians and eventually adopted me. They gave me a wonderful childhood, full of beautiful memories and I am forever grateful. For many years, on the side, she sold Avon. Upon delivery of her orders, she’d ring the doorbell and say, “the ding-dong lady’s here!” This always brought a smile to her customers. Over time, many of her customers became dear friends.
In 1992, the 3 of us moved here, to Apple Valley, where Grandma and Grandpa spent the remainder of their years together. They were about to celebrate 25 beautiful years of marriage when Grandpa passed in 2007. Through the life they shared together, they were blessed with 13 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.
After Grandpa passed, she grieved by helping other widows get through the loss of their spouses. And so began the era of her socialite life as she inspired and supported so many through Facebook and online groups. She touched many hearts and made countless people laugh.
Along with her great sense of humor, quick wit, and loving heart, she was known for her awesome taste in classic rock music and her love of football. (Go Steelers!)
Elaine Marie Davidson, friend, mom, grandma, whatever you might have called her, I think we could all agree to call her a blessing.

We lost our husbands the same year and bonded on Eons.......we held each others hands on those first rocky steps of grief.  I miss her still.  What a beautiful woman, what a wicked sense of humor.




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