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Last night I built a campfire on the patio, and had the neighbors across the street, and their friends from a couple of blocks away, come sit a while.  They are weekenders....coming up here maybe once or twice a month.  Drinks were consumed.

Here's what the campfire looked like when I first got it going.


Two LaBatt Blues, three Strohs, three LaBatt Lites, and one Bud Tallboy later, this is what the fire looked like.

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Yup, we pretty much have the place to ourselves.

Say, did you ever find out that passed out girl's name?

Probably Candi or Barbie or Cookie...anyone of those intelligent sounding names :-))

Oh yeah, I remember now....it was Chastity.


She was pretty religious too. Kept shouting "OMG"
Hi everyone! Stir, nice to meet you! Looks like a good group, and I was invited by the Mayor of TBD, Robbie.

p.s., clearly that isn't me on the picnic table.

Yep, that Robbie runs a tight ship around here.........uh, no, not really. 

Its nice to meetcha too, and welcome to The Patio!!

Hi Kooner!  I'm with you here!


I'm here now, but have lots of things to do before I head out Fri Morning.

Could you pass me some of that coffee?

Hi, gang.


Robbie, where are you heading Friday?

Hi d's!


It's so good to see you here!


Fri. morning I start the trip to Knoxville, TN. The first leg is to Hattiesburg, Ms. .

My youngest son, Bryan, is at Camp Shelby, MS. He is in training for a tour in Afghanistan.  He is to have the 34d and 4th off. I hope to spend it with him.

Then I will make the run to Huntsville, AL to go to the Commissary to stock up on things like Kona coffe and Sue Bee honey and other things that I can not find, or is too expensive in super markets. From there I'll go through Chattanooga to Knoxville. Will be on I-59. It cuts through the extream Northwest corner of GA. so, that's as close as I'll get to Atlanta this time.

I still have two months left on my 6 month commitment to the ESCAPEES workkamper program. I'll be working at the Escapees park at Heiskell, TN which is about 10 mi up I-75 from Knoxville. I plan to fly from Knoxville to Pittsburgh for the meet.

Pru is driving up from Houston tomorrow for our fairwell for now meeting.

If you have any interest in seeing where I'll be go to www.escapees.com/raccoonvalley


I'll probably do an "On the Road Again" Blog.




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