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I'm looking for cool.

I decided to move south to see Pru. I just looked at the weather and it is 2 degrees hotter at The Woodlands. Oh well, they have shade. Can I come hang on the patio tonight? Who will be there?

Will there be Drinks? I heard Quinn is going to some exotic place for a few days. BAF is back in Canada. I Think. Or, is she in the back room?

So Many questions, So little time.

Jaylee was wrong about having to be sane to show up, wasn't She.

Bob, Want to hitch a ride with me?  You can ride on the couch with Happy. Or in the TOWD.

Where is RRC?

I think Kooner is in Chinatown.

Everyone else. Grab a Kazoo and hit the patio tonight.

Uhh, Is that alright Stir?


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I'll get us started...



Yup, bring your winter coat....its a little chilly out there tonight.  HaHa!

Give Ms Farquar my regards, Robbie.

Well, I'm sitting around the campfire on the patio....in real life.  The neighbors across the street may come over and join me, but its OK if they don't.  I like sitting around the campfire.


I'm having beer!  Blue!  No, not PBR,  Labatt Blue.  The Blue tastes pretty doggone good, although its that watery American variety.

Maybe I'll post a picture later.

I gave your reguards to Miss Farquar. She said reguards back.

When I got back to Livingston today the heat index was 106. I unhooked the Jeep from the RV. Backed the RV into the site. Leveled it. Hooked up the electric. Turned on the A/C and lay down on the bed.

Did not hook up the water. Did not hook up the sewer. Did not extend the slides. I took a nap. Then I got up about 6pm and walked Happy the Dog. Took a Shower and went to a singles party. Had some wine and talked politics and religion.  My Grandfather is spinning in his grave.

Hey Robbie!  I just came in to get anther beer, and heard the ding of the email, so I thought I'd check it out.  I'm now at the campfire alone...the neighbors have come and gone.  More about that later.  ALL of our grandfathers are most likely spinning in there graves!  HaHaHa!

Thank you for checking in, my friend.  When we finally meet in person, we are gonna tear it up!  Bring bail money!  LOL!

Hey Stir, come to meet us all in August!

Wow!!! Those three, all in the same evening. Didn't your head expload?

Or was that why you were asleep on the love seat on the patio this morning.

I finally made it....work keeps getting in the way. 

Where is the wine?

I have half a bottle of Rex Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon in my reffer. I prefer beer, but my cousin's wife says this is very good wine. I defer to her.  Try it. 

I love a nice glass of dry red wine. .    beer's ok too though.

I guess you're on the road by now Robbie.  Be safe.  Check in.

Yep, we're on the road again. I just looked and I haven't written a blog since Sept 2010.

Guess I need to write a update as soon as I sit in one place long enough. Maybe this weekend.


Great, and I love it when you add pictures.




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