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I'll go first.

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Ya'll are motivating me to get out my geetar and see if I can still strum those three chords....G, C & D7.  I wonder where I put my capo?

Here is another one we used to do around the campfire in the hills of WV.

Of course Bruce does a much better job of it.

Thumbs up!

Takin' me back to the days of the "Tin Condo".....me and Bear and some chick whose name I've forgotten.

Stir, is this a clip of you and friends?  looks like they are having a really good time.
Nope, but its vaguely reminiscent of a former lifestyle.

I guess ya had to be there.....  8-]


Here is one that we used to sing at church camp. Of course the words are different because back when I went to church camp there no TVs or video games. But, the nice thing about this song is that you can just make up verses and go on forever.


Yeh, but I couldn't find a better version on you tube.

Speaking of memories, This thread has made me think of the song that I told my family that, if anyone has a funeral for me, I want this song played.

I've never sat around a campfire, but I did go to camp...


Thanks Q....I wondered when someone would post this.





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