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How is everyone?

How's your summer been so far?

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My summer's been nice, aside from the intense heat of July. YUK.

I've been to the Jersey shore [no, Stir, not that one!] a few times. I have a cousin that lives there year round.

I had to travel to Boston for work so I snuck some extra days for myself on my company's air fare.

I went to an outdoor concert in Atlantic City that had a bit of a Woodstocky feel [Not that I would know about Woodstock personally...just what I've seen in movies], but it was calm and fun --- even for us oldsters that attended. We did leave before dark though...

My summer so far: Torn miniscus in right knee. Doctor appt. regarding surgery tomorrow. Many pain pills and anti-inflammatories in between.


Lost approx 17 lbs in two weeks working on un-air-conditioned dock at work.


Which made the suit I wore to my daughter's wedding last Saturday fit a bit nicer.


I have yet to decide if I'm gonna retire when summer ends.

So, what's the latest on the knee?

My cousin had her miniscus repaired recently, it went well for her.


And, tell us about the wedding? Any fights? It used to be said that it wasn't a good wedding in our family until someone threw a punch :-))

Quinn, thanks for opening th e patio again.

Stir, I'm sure that after listening to this song all the wives and girlfriends will be encouraging others to join.


I guess I should pretend to be offended?

But, that is just too damn funny :-))

Yeh, Maybe I should have posted it in the Too damn funny not to post thread.
Well, its got a good beat, and its easy to dance to.  I'd buy it.   I rate it a 4.5.

First summer ever that I felt an earthquake.

Yes, you heard me correctly...earthquake here in the East.


At first I thought my 250 year house might be falling down so I ran downstairs. Then I heard sirens so I thought maybe something exploded somewhere. Then I thought, "Earthquake"? No, couldn't be, but CNN confirmed it!

The eipcenter was 90 miles south of DC in Mineral VA...the ripple was felt as far north as Boston...

George and I have had a good summer, Quinn!  We've been to our camp, enjoyed the meetup here in Pittsburgh earlier this month, gardened, and seen the movies we wanted to see.


George and I didn't feel the earthquake because we were driving somewhere at the time it hit.  The local papers said it was felt all over Pennsylvania, though.  I'm glad you and your house are OK.

Thanks Goldi...
Earthquakes, hurricanes..sheesh, not how I expected my last two weeks of August to be!

What movies did you see? I wanted to see Super 8, but it got bumped by Harry Potter before I could get to the theater :(

We saw Rango, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Cars 2, Cowboys and Aliens, The Help, and the remake of Conan the Barbarian. 

George and I mostly see fun movies or superhero movies, so I owe him big time for asking him to watch The Help.  :-D

Its been a good summer, although I had to work a lot in August.  I made a couple of long weekend trips, had company, hung with the family, made some money, rode the bicycle, got to meet B A F, and with all that I still found time to spend at the donut shop, Brew-Ha and greasy spoon.  I didn't get to spend as much time here as I would have liked, but the cold, rainy days of Fall are fast approaching.  There will be more online shenanigans then!




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