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I always thought of Mr. S as a nice well behaved lizard.

Then he shows up with a lip lock on BAF's neck.

I kind of understood and was able to brush it aside. After all, he is male, And BAF has the kind of neck that any naturally horny male would like to put a hicky on.

But now he has gone too far. He has recruted other members of his family to try to take advantage of innocent tbd ers. I was driving up the interstate today, thinking indecent thoughts about one of the former tbd ers when some idiot went around me loudly blowing his horn.

I started to throw him the finger. then I looked at the speedometer to see how fast I was going.

And there he was.

One of Mr Stretchy's cousins, lecturing me and trying to sell me insurance.


Here is the proof.


You have to watch out. they are COLD BLOODED CREATURES I tell you.

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Whoa!  Is that Mr Bendy?  Look out ladies!  Protect your honor!  Or not!

Is that a pair of handcuffs he's holding?

Not only that, but I hear he's GPS-connected, and tattles on you to the DOFD&RS every time you drive 35 in the fast lane or leave your turn signal on for more than 30 miles.

One of the innate differences between men and women...Stir thought handcuffs, I thought eyeglasses :-))


I'm nowhere near Robbie, if you get close to I95 though let me know and I'll skeedaddle...




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