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The first test of NASA's Orion spacecraft set for December 4th.

Yes, it looks like the old Apollo moon spacecraft, but that's where the similarity ends. This craft will have the latest computer technology. Depending on the mission, it will carry 4 to 7 astronauts in to deep space.

For for more on this unmanned test flight, see NASA link: Orion Spacecraft

I have been looking forward to this flight. It is about time for NASA  and/or the US commercial space companies to begin putting crews back in space.

There have been a lot comments from those who are not educated in space technology, complaining about NASA using old technology. Well, this is not old, it is proven technology. It is designed to what the space shuttles could never do. Explore deep space. The shuttles or STS (Space Transportation System ) were designed for low Earth orbit only. The space shuttle systems will return in the near future.

We are several decades away from more sophisticated deep spacecraft that can be parked and resupplied from a space station or base. We also need to develop more efficient space propulsion systems.

This is a good restart in the right direction. Now if we could just keep the politicians from messing everything up. 

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