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Apparently some people misunderstood the Mayan calendar. :-)

However, the Earth is in real potential danger. This is no hoax. This is science.

This is the asteroid Apophis 

"How to Defend Earth From Asteroids"

By Phil Plait, Huffington Post TED Weekends

The Earth sits in a cosmic shooting gallery.

"Millions of asteroids orbit the Sun, some on paths that cross that of Earth. These range in size from grains of sand -- which create beautiful but harmless shooting stars when they burn up in our atmosphere -- to rocks the size of football stadium and even cities themselves. One such asteroid, 10 kilometers across, . . . . . "

For complete article see Huff Post link: Defending Earth

Also check out the the video in the article. It's funny and serious at the same time.

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This is the real deal. The idea of NASA wanting to go to asteroids is beginning to make more sense. Lets hope the worlds various space agencies are really making plans for these real threats.

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Yep, space is just one big pool game and we're the eight ball. 




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