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omg, u r rite

How did we ever communicate without those thingies...?

LOL... We were watching other couples at dinner the other night and we were mentioning the same thing

...but of course we don't know what Albert would have done if he had a cell phone in his day

While I agree with Al on a lot of things, seems to me that the world's always had plenty of idiots, even long before the invention of technology.  It's always somethin'...

First, I need to know if it really dumber, or just childish.

Think, Einsteins letter to his friend...

I was ready to contest this statement because I feel that I have benefited so much from my interactions with other people on the internet including here at teebeedee. But then I relalized that technology is a double edged sword. I remembered what happened when I tried to watch Duck Dynasty the other night.  I had to switch it off quick because I could just feel the IQ points evaporating away.

Anyway I will challenge the source of the quote. There is no valid evidence that einstein really said this. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/03/19/tech-surpass/  I suppose that I am just being grumpy now but it does bother me when people try to give their ideas credibility by misattribution. That is a problem with most of the New Testament.  Soon Einstein will be given credit for half of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

Gee golly lye if old Albert said that then he must have been Psychic...?




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